Fertile Days

Fertile Days is dedicated to helping women like yourself answer one of the most important questions they find themselves asking at some point in life, ‘How do I get pregnant’. Despite being one of the most natural things in the world, it’s not uncommon for some women like yourself to want to know ‘how to get pregnant’ or a better way of putting it, ‘how to maximise my chances of conceiving’.

How to get pregnant

If you’re trying to conceive and want to know how to get pregnant, we’ve got lots of tips to help you on your way to getting pregnant. You’ll learn how to increase your chances by calculating your ovulation times, discovering your most fertile days of the month when you’ll most likely fall pregnant.

Best time to conceive

You’re at your most fertile for just a few days of the month, these are the best days to conceive, using an ovulation calculator you can work out when these fertile days are to help maximise your chances of conceiving.

Fertility awareness – when am I most fertile

The key to falling pregnant is working out when you’re at your most fertile time of the month. You can do this using a calendar and your menstrual cycle dates. There a three phases during your monthly cycle, infertile phase, fertile phase and infertile phase. Working out the correct dates of your fertile phase is the key to finding the best time you’re likely to conceive.

Ovulation Calculator – Your fertile days

Thankfully we can use an ovulation calculator to work out when you are most fertile, no guess work need. The first thing you should do is start marking on a calendar when your period is, we’ll use this information with the ovulation calculator to find your most fertile days next.